Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chicken subs

Hi all,

I wanted to try an indian spice sub sandwich.I tried it yesterday and came out good.
I clicked a few pictures of the sandwich.
I bought some chicken thighs and marinated them with chicken curry masala,paprika,salt,dry mango pd,ginger garlic paste,salt,coriander-cumin pd and let it sit for an hour.then I baked it a 375F for 45 mins and sliced it in smaller pieces.
I bought big sized sub rolls and applied mustard,hot sauce and sliced onions to it.I applied lemon juice ,salt and pepper to the onions.
Then I applied hummus to it and put in the chicken.we had it with pita chips on the side.
It was really time I am going to try with another spice mixture.


Mahek said...

great looking
will give it a try....

vivari said...

thanks mahek

Anonymous said...

hi vivari, nice to have you back--looking forward to great recipes and great pics...